Here at Dundee Hawks, we help you to achieve the better version of yourself through sports. There are several major services that we can offer, and most of them will require your close and voluntary collaboration with us (just the way you want it, of course).

  1. Helping You Identify Your Sport

By asking you a couple of questions about your body type, your inclinations, your hobbies and habits, as well as your many skills and capacities, we at Dundee Hawks will help you identify the sport that will very easily be the right or the perfect fit for you. But of course, we won’t dictate you on the choice you must make. We will simply give you the results, and leave the decision to you.

  1. Helping You Through Close One to One Coaching

We believe that beginners and experts alike need inspiring coaches, and we do try to provide that for you. We strive to provide the kind of coaches who will never hesitate from giving you encouraging input and affirmation when you’re doing things right, as well as helpful and constructive criticism when you’re doing things wrong. Here at Dundeed Hawks, we make sure that your training is the first step to excelling, and we will help you see that in yourself, too.

  1. Helping You Through Team Coaching

The Dundee Hawks system is also one that believes in the value of a good team and even better teamwork. With this, we will also place you in a team, as part of your training. This team will then test your capacity to work with others, to set goals along with others, as well as to achieve these goals not for yourself, but for the sake of the team.

So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and let us get to know you through this page. We promise to keep all information confidential, and we shall only use your information insofar as they will help us to profile you in terms of sports and your characteristics as a player. Other than that, our lips are sealed.