Related Services

*Recommendation System to External Training Groups

Dundee Hawks boasts of annn excellent recommendation system. How does this work? If in case we have profiled you, but you decide that you don’t want to undergo your training with us, then we will be nice enough to recommend you to others whom we think will be a better fit to your needs and requirements.

*Latest Sports News for All Fields

Whatever your interests are, we offer you only the best and the latest news when it comes to sports. How is this a form of service, you might ask. Well, it’s actually very simple. When you know what’s going on in the sports world, you also have better chances of understanding just what sort of world and atmosphere you have chosen to be part of, as well as the neccessary level of dedication you need to put into it for you to actually succeed.

*State of the Art Equipment

We at Dundee Hawks believe that the output is usually only as good as the equipment used to produce it. Thus, we have invested only in equipment of the best and highest quality. Not only will this equipment inspire you to do better and better with each practice session, but they will also convince you that improvement so worth the effort, if you know where your money goes.

*24/7 Customer Support

This website isn’t just for sign-ups and memberships. This is also good for those times when you have your random questions about sports and you can’t seem to sleep unless you find the answer. Our customer support representatives can’t promise to give you the perfect and the final answer, but they do promise to be available for you and to help you find your way.

*Diet and Fitness Consulation (Free)

Anyone and everyone who has ever been into sports is well aware of the importance of good diet. Being a good player hardly means anything if you fail or forget to eat well. Thus, to address this common problem, we also offer free diet and fitness consultations, not just to measure those carbs, but also to help you determine what food is good for you and how often should you eat it.